I’m Kim, a lifestyle & portrait photographer

I pick up my camera to find the beauty in the simplest moments

Photography is a huge part of my life that I never knew I needed. Starting with my great grandpa Jack. He was the photographer for all of the little league teams when I was a little girl. I admired that he could set up a studio in his garage and make beautiful portraits ( even in the 80's ! ) I was given a camera for Christmas one year and since then I just kept buying more gear and couldn't put it down. I've built an entire career out of it.

About the studio

I have finally found MY spot. I have built my studio from the ground up and it is constantly evolving! It is a cozy space where all are welcome!

It is a smaller studio, so we do only allow one family at a time ( Unless discussed otherwise ). There is no bathroom on site, so if you have little ones, please plan accordingly. The area surrounding the studio is still under construction. Please us caution when pulling in the driveway.


I had such a great experience with Kim from the moment I got engaged to after the wedding. I found her at the Capital District wedding expo and fell in love with her boudoir images that she had displayed. When I got home and looked up her website I was impressed with the rest of her images. I had all engagement, boudoir and wedding photos taken by Kim. It was my first time ever doing a boudoir session and she made me feel so comfortable.